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The existing Parish Council was formed in May 2019.

Adrian Dawson: (Chairman) I have lived in the village for more than 30 years and have recently retired as a relatively senior police officer and I now work as a Health and Safety coordinator in a steel firm. I have previously been the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for the village. (29 Beauford Road) 01284 728074.

Peter Scase: I have lived in Ingham since 2003 and been a parish councillor since 2007. For the last 20 years I have been a volunteer with Citizens Advice as an IT consultant. Until recently I was a member of the Ingham Social Club committee and have previously held the treasurer position with the parish council. (34 Beauford Road) 01284 728877.

Lynne Tibbert: I moved to Ingham having lived in Bury St Edmunds for 10 years. I worked as a housing officer in social housing for 13 years before semi-retirement in 2013. Involvement with residents and professional agencies was the main part of my working days. (2 Culford Road) 01284 729569.

Monika Kovacic-Graham: Co-opted April 2017. I moved to Ingham in 2014 having lived in Bury St Edmunds for 14 years. I was born in Croatia where I lived until 1999. Currently I work part-time for NHS as well as caring for my two small boys. My previous jobs have been in the civil service sector and banking (6 Culford Road) 01284 728729.

Kevin Pryke: Co-opted in July 2018. I grew up in Ingham and after living in Bury St Edmunds for a few years moved back to the village seven years ago. I am a Product Manager for a software company in Cambridge. (Conifers, School Lane) 0759 5725450.

Charlie Cadman: (Elected 2019) I have lived in Ingham since 2014 and have spent most of my adult years living in or close to Bury St Edmunds.  Since 2007 I have been the Commercial Director of my own Health & Safety Training and Consulting companies, as well as rearing my two young children.  I have also been part of the Ingham Playground Committee since its inception. (43 Beauford Road).

Linda Anslow: (First elected 2014 then co-opted 2019) I have lived in the village for 20 years during which time I worked as a newspaper journalist then later in public relations and adult education. (8 Culford Road) 01284 728516.

Frank Stennett: (Elected 2019) 01284 728834 or Frank@stennetts.co.uk.