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Village housing plan assessment

27 November 2019

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West Suffolk’s Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (or SHELAA) is an assessment of land for housing and economic development. The draft report has now been published for consultation. The assessment includes two areas of land totalling 38 hectares to the north and south of Ingham.

West Suffolk Council stresses that the SHELAA is not an assessment of whether the sites WILL be allocated in the future West Suffolk Local Plan nor does inclusion in the SHELAA imply or grant any planning permission.  The document or previous call for sites process holds NO weight in decision making. 

The consultation draft SHELAA features details of 732 sites and is available to view on the council’s website at the following link:


Outline maps of the proposed sites are available to view here:


Following consideration of all representations made on the draft 2019 SHELAA document, it will be amended and a final version of the West Suffolk SHELAA will be published and available for inspection on the council’s website in early 2020.

Adrian Dawson, chairman of Ingham Parish Council, emphasized that the parish council remains firmly opposed to any large scale development of the village now or in the future.