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New bid for village crossing

28 January 2020

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Ingham Parish Council is continuing to lobby for a light-controlled pedestrian crossing as data shows that around 12,000 lorries and cars travel through the village every day.

In a letter to Suffolk County Council Highways on behalf of the parish council, Adrian Dawson, Chairman, says there has been historical concern over the number of accidents on the A134 in Ingham as well as concerns over the danger of crossing the road for residents wishing to use local amenities. He points out that the post office, church, village pub, designated play area and the racecourse used by dog-walkers are on one side of the road while the majority of housing for the village is on the other side.

The letter details data collected from the speed indicator adjacent to Place Farm on the A134 and within the village 30 mph limit zone.

The average speed through the village over a 24-hour period in a typical week during December and January is 28.6 mph with 85th percentile speed of 34.4 mph. The readings are for traffic coming into Ingham from the Bury St Edmunds direction and therefore the number of vehicles recorded will be double, taking into account traffic flowing in the opposite direction.

The data shows that over a seven-day average period there are around 12,000 lorries and cars travelling every day through the village with an increasing amount of through traffic.

Although the speed survey showed instances of excess speed at various times it is the volume of traffic that causes both danger and inconvenience and delay to pedestrians.

Plans for more housing and the industrial greenhouse development will mean both an increase in traffic and the number of people needing to cross the road. Children in the village are unlikely to be able to use the new play area without supervision due to the lack of a safe road crossing.

In his letter Councillor Dawson says, ‘It is the view of the parish council that a pedestrian-controlled crossing will allow safer crossing of this busy road for younger residents. It will also encourage increased use of those facilities by older people who find crossing the road almost impossible when the peak traffic periods also coincide with the facilities like the shop and post office being open for business.

‘We also believe that vehicle access and egress onto the A134 at the Culford Road junction for residents will become easier with a crossing in place.’

He concludes, ‘I have noted that Suffolk has a £3million 2020 fund which will be made available for parish councils to bid for in the new financial year. Our parish council does not have the funds to pay for a crossing and believe that Highways should be paying for this facility. However, it may be an opportunity for us, if we can make a successful bid for the money to pay for a pedestrian crossing in Ingham’.